CrackBerry Theme Store

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Are you always changing up the theme on your BlackBerry? Love free themes? Don't mind paying for a nice premium theme from my time to time? If so, you'll want install our new CrackBerry Theme Store client on your BlackBerry. Themes have always been a popular category within our CrackBerry App Store, so we've taken it one step further with a dedicated theme store client. You can click the image above to learn more about the theme store and send yourself the download link, or simply visit from your BlackBerry's web browse. Deal of the Day, browse by category, free apps, specials and bundles are all there - it's a feature-rich theme browsing and downloading experience. 

* Note to Storm2/OS 5.0 users and Feedback/Bug Reporting: As this is a new app client we're rolling out (let's call it theme store *beta* to be safe), it's always possible you could run into a minor bug or glitch. If that happens, please send your feedback and findings to [email protected] so we can get it addressed asap. Storm2 and OS 5.0 users should pay special attention to the fact that compatibility is still being confirmed by content providers for some themes/apps within the catalogue (you may see some apps/themes listed that are not yet optimized for your device) - if you're on 5.0 already or a Storm2 you may want to wait a day or two. *

* Message to Theme/App Developers: If you don't have your free and paid apps and themes in our CrackBerry App/Theme stores... what are you waiting for?! Get on it!! Click here for the details. *

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