Color youur BlackBerry with Color Me Themes

Rocking a Red 8310? How about a Blue Pearl 8110? Maybe you have Orange skin on your 8820? How about an all-white ColorWare Curve? Or did BeckyMae set you up with an It Ain't Easy Being Green or PurpleBerry one-of-a-kind creation?

Our pal Zach from Z Man Designs (creator of the free CorkBerry theme) has just introduced a new series of BlackBerry themes targeted to those users who put a premium on device personalization. ColorMe themes, for only $4 a pop, are available in Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and White flavors and are the ideal theme for helping you complete your Berry's overall color scheme. 

ColorMe themes are available for BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, 8700 and 8800 series smartphones and you can get more info and grab the version appropriate for your device via the Z Man's website.

Request time! Z man... you need to get these turned out for the Bold, and I'd love to see a Black version of this (speaking of Bold, if you have a Pearl running OS 4.5, Z Man has an awesome Bold theme replica available). And I'm sure some of the ladies reading this post would be down for a Pink ColorMe theme. Any other color requests? Post them in the comments!