I love both the black and white versions of the BlackBerry Z10. The all-black look screams BlackBerry, and the white version is just plain hot.

Color aside, there is one other difference between the white and black versions of the Z10, and that's the construction of the battery door. The black Z10's battery door is finished in a soft touch rubber that feels absolutely amazing in the hand. It's grippy and just feels oh so right. In comparison, the white Z10's battery door has more of a plastic finish. This is out of necessity - a white soft touch back would be stained with blue jean dye within days. The hard plastic still feels good in hand, but the black battery door definitely wins when it comes to feel. So what do you if you want the hotness of the white Z10 with the battery door of the black Z10?

You make the BlackBerry Z10 Oreo!!! In a moment of sheer BlackBerry magical genius, I stuck the battery door of the black Z10 onto my white Z10. PURE WIN. The black white black look is hot. The phone actually looks even thinner somehow with this color combo, and in hand the white Z10 has that amazing feeling of the black Z10. Hit the video above and check out the photos below to see for yourself. Hopefully we'll be able to sell Z10 battery doors as standalone accessories - I think a lot of white Z10 owners might like giving this a try too. I think it's how I'm going to rock my Z10 from now on. Best of both worlds!

* Update: AMAZING. I never saw this in the CrackBerry forums until the post was pointed out in the comments below, but another member of CrackBerry had the same stroke of genius right down to the Oreo name. Great CrackBerry minds think a like! Check out those photos in the gallery. Nice job Kishen! *