Back at BlackBerry DevCon this past fall, our own CrackBerry Adam caught the attention of the smartphone world with his discovery invention of the BlackBerry Kickstand. Using the battery door in the correct manner to prop up the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a trick that has been used by many a Bold 9900 owner since.

Not to be outdone again by CrackBerry at CES2012, BlackBerry upped their game with the introduction of the BlackBerry Glove. Talk about an engineering triumph! While gloves with capactiive threading that allow you to wear them and still use touchscreen devices is a fairly big trend in the market, RIM had the brilliant idea to go simpler and better by simply cutting the tip of the glove off of the index finger and thumb. Check out the video above to see the BlackBerry Glove in action.

Simple. Effective. And it makes a fashion statement. Best yet? If you swing by the BlackBerry booth (#30326) at CES and are nice to the right people, you might be able to snag yourself a pair. Tell them CrackBerry sent you.

The BlackBerry Glove... the new hottest fashion trend in mobile handwear! :)