I've been anxiously waiting for a few weeks now to get BerryBlab officially announced here on the blogs (I'm in a mad-rush right now packing to fly out to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, so we tag-teamed this one and Adam did up the video above). Until today BerryBlab was still in beta, but it has now gone version 1.0 and is ready for the spotlight. So what is BerryBlab?

BerryBlab is a new BlackBerry app that is a real must-have for those BlackBerry users out there who frequent web forums that are powered by vBulletin, such as our own CrackBerry forums. Rather than browsing the forums via the BlackBerry web browser on your device, you can now surf them via the BlackBery app which provides a smooth user experience. It works on both touchscreen and non-touchscreen BlackBerry Smartphones, and provides all of the basic functionality you'd expect in a mobile forum viewing experience: you can view forums and subforums, post and reply to threads, view images, get PMs, etc. The app allows you to access multiple forums as well, so you can jump back and forth between all your favorite forums.

One key point to make note of here is that the forum administrator MUST install the BerryBlab plugin into their forums in order for the app to work with that site. In the case of CrackBerry, we've had it up and running for weeks now as beta-testing progressed on the application. If you buy the app and the vBulletin forum you want to visit does not have the plugin installed, be sure to point them to BerryBlab's site so they can grab it for free.

BerryBlab sells for $2.99 and you can grab it at the link below. Keep in mind that though it's now out of beta, as it is a new app it's possible you could experience some glitches. The BerryBlab dev team has been very responsive, so if you find any bugs or have any ideas on how to further improve the app be sure to drop it in the comments and they'll get it tackled. 

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