BBSmart Shortcuts

** Update: Version 1.3 of BBShortcuts has been released (fixes a couple of bugs) and.... BIG NEWS... the $5 introductory offer has been extended for a couple of days! BBShortcuts will sell for $8.95, but if you hurry, you can still get it for $5.00! Get BBShortcuts Here >>**

BBSmart, makers of the best-selling BBSmart HTML Email Viewer and Alarms Pro applications, have just released their latest app, BBSmart Shortcuts:

BBSmart Shortcuts is a fantastically simple but powerful productivity application for the BlackBerry that puts a whole suite of shortcuts at your fingertips.

Using BBSmart Shortcuts you can create shortcuts to native applications, third-party applications, websites, and common tasks like emailing, calling, and SMS’ing contacts. When set to run from a convenience key press on your BlackBerry, BBSmart Shortcuts will open the door to a whole new way of using your BlackBerry – one that is quicker, more convenient, and more productive.

Go ahead and try it out. We guarantee you'll love it.

BBSmart Shortcuts Features:

  • Simple, easy to use software
  • Launch both native and third-party applications
  • Beautiful, clean, unique, and highly functional user interface
  • Create custom email, SMS, phone, and website shortcuts
  • Automatic contact lookup and integration with native address book

BBSmart Shortcuts will normally sell for $8.95, however, it is currently being offered at the low introductory price of only $5! You can pick it up from As with all of BBSmart's applications, you can download a Free Trial so you can take a test drive before you buy and future upgrades will be available at no charge.

I've had the pleasure of betaing BBSmart Shortcuts for the past few days and have to say this is a must-have application for all the BlackBerry addicts out there. The Facebook-like interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, the functions are well planned and executed (I love how it pulls contacts from the address book when creating new Email/SMS/Phone shortcuts) and above all it is HANDY. I have it set to my right convenience key and have found myself using it religiously.