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Checking out the BlackBerry Experience booth at BlackBerry DevCon Europe, we were tipped onto the fact some of the devices in the room were running newer versions of OS 7.1 than we have seen. It turns out that was in fact true, and with OS we're seeing a new feature introduced to help users get more battery life out of their BlackBerry.

Battery Saving Mode is a new feature in device options, which allows you to trigger the device into high efficiency operation at any remaining level of battery life you choose. You can also choose to Always have Battery Saving Mode running. When Battery Saving Mode is triggered, the phone automatically adjusts device settings to optimize them for longer operation. With the devices at the booth all plugged in and charged we really couldn't see just what it does, but my *guess* is you'll see things like the brightness of the screen getting dimmed down and the time out settings get shortened. It's definitely a well-welcomed feature. You can never have too much battery life!

In the meantime while you wait for this feature to hit your BlackBerry, be sure to check out our 10 Ways to Maximize the Battery Life on your BlackBerry article.

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