One of the big highlights at WES 2010 for me personally was the sit-down time I had with senior level management at RIM. Everybody we had the opportunity to speak to had a passion for BlackBerry and knew their areas of expertise inside and out. For a couple of these interviews we were even able to fire up the camera so we could bring you back the highlights in video!

The name BlackBerry is synonymous with security, so it was awesome to sit down with Scott Totzke, VP of the Global Security Group for RIM, and learn more about RIM's holistic approach to security. Scott also took the opportunity in speaking to CrackBerry readers to throw out some security tips that all BlackBerry owners should pay attention to (set a device password!!!!). Apologies in advance for the little bit of radio interference static that shows up towards the end of the interview... as you can imagine, it's hard to avoid that at an event like WES with BlackBerrys everywhere. We hope you enjoy the piece. HUGE thanks go to RIM and Scott for taking the time to talk to CrackBerry.