Weekday evenings when I'm working away at the computer I usually keep the tv on in the background and come midnight watch CBC's The Hour. Go figure - the one week where I leave the country is the one week they have RIM's co-CEO Jim Balsillie on the show for an interview! I have to give a big shout out to my DAD of all people for tipping me off on this one... I gave him a call last night to let him know the CTIA/Vegas trip was good, and the first thing he asks is if I saw the "BlackBerry guy" on tv! Speaking of DADs, it's a little known fact that Jim Balsillie's father is from Winnipeg, which just also happens to be the birthplace of CrackBerry.com! If you have ten minutes to spare, the video above provides a great personal look at one of the two men at the helm of Research in Motion.

And if you want to round out your perspective on RIM's big kahunas, Business Week published an interview yesterday with RIM's other co-CEO, Mike Lazaridus. In this interview, Mike talks about building a successful R&D culture and his thoughts on a decade of sustainable innovation. You can take a read here