is a free Internet forum community for BlackBerry users. It started in 2004 and has become an extremely popular destination and a valuable resource for BlackBerry owners. Pinstack's founder, Hayden James, was kind enough to give us a few minutes for a quick chat.


Hayden, thanks for speaking with us today. has only been around since 2004, and yet it's popularity seems to have really taken off in the last year. To what do you attribute your tremendous success?

Hayden: It's quite simple, I created PinStack from day one based on what BlackBerry users wanted and that philosophy still stands. EVERY feature, design - even PinStack's web page color scheme - have been developed with the help of BlackBerry users' feedback. Many features, changes & additions are voted upon and tested privately by the PinStack Site Moderation Team and select members over 30 of us, before these changes are made live. Thus, when a user logs into PinStack there are always areas to share in, interact or check back often. Look for to continue changing and improving!

Your forum has a lot of active visitors. What kinds of topics seem to generate the most excitement?

Hayden: Here are the Top 10 Blackberry Forum Discussions for 2006!

Many BlackBerry users are given their device by their employers. And yet they still seem excited enough by the BlackBerry World to come interact on the Pinstack forums. Are you surprised by this?

Hayden: Not really. These Professional users love the atmosphere at PinStack and most of their common interests, questions etc are covered prominently in related areas of the site.

We've recently published an article on BlackBerry addiction on our site. How attached are you to your BlackBerry? Does it leave your side? Does your BlackBerry go to the beach with you?

Hayden: I'm basically never without my BlackBerry. On the very rare occasion I may forget it at home but that's only when I think I'm already wearing it (empty hip-holster) :) . It's never off, but on vibrate at night on the bed side table or IN bed. With 365 beaches on this island it's hard not to go to the beach often and so yes, I have to open my BB and brush the sand from the keys ever so often.

With the introduction of the Pearl, RIM seems to be making a push into the consumer market. Do you think this is a good thing for the BlackBerry market, or will RIM instead alienate their core users.

Hayden: This expansion is not only a good thing, but it's crucial to RIM's survival due to mounting competition. It helps greatly to have the consumer market as a part of RIM's market. There are many non-Blackberry users who've stayed away from BlackBerry only due to the lack of a built-in camera and multimedia capabilities. The Pearl grabs these users! However, RIM's original market, where they created the very first 'Crackberry' addicts was with QWERTY. It was their first phone-enabled qwerty 5810 that started it all back in early 2002. In a few weeks the 8800 will help secure this market. Especially since it will ultimately be available in non-WiFi and WiFi versions.

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