Morgan SlainNovember 30th, 2006: Hi Morgan, thanks for agreeing to talk with us today. Let's start with a little background information. How long have you been interested in mobile software?

Morgan: Absolutely, my pleasure. I've been a mobile applications enthusiast since I bought my first Palm Pilot in 1997. I became interested in the business side of mobile software when I joined Palm, Inc. at the beginning of 2000. One of my first projects was to take a look at the Palm applications market and figure out how we could make it bigger.

SplashData built a solid reputation for itself in the Palm and Windows Mobile world. What made you recently decide to develop software for the BlackBerry platform?

Morgan: Customer demand, pure and simple. We literally had a waiting list of thousands of customers who had emailed us and told us they were looking for BlackBerry versions of SplashData applications.

Was the software development on BlackBerry difficult coming from the Palm & Windows Mobile world?

Morgan: Actually, we've been delighted with the BlackBerry platform. RIM was very helpful in getting us started. And since BlackBerry applications are based on Java, our developers were able to really hit the ground running.

SplashData applications are sophisticated and come with a desktop component. At the same time, more and more software is being downloaded OTA (over the air). How do you handle this challenge?

Morgan: Our mobile applications work independently of the desktop companion software, so we sell the mobile versions OTA and then let customers know they can get the desktop apps on their PC or Mac at their leisure.

So far you have released SplashID and SplashPhoto for BlackBerry. What's next on the horizon?

Morgan: We're just starting to work on the BlackBerry version of SplashShopper, the #1 list manager for smartphones.

AllBlackBerry: If you could ask RIM to include a new feature in their next generation of BlackBerry devices, what would it be?

Morgan: I'd love to see GPS capabilities built in. Our developers have some very clever ideas for using location based services in applications like SplashTravel.

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