Whether you like snooker or not International Snooker HD for BlackBerry 10 is a little gem. I'm not even sure of the rules of snooker but I've been playing the game for a couple of days and its a bunch of fun. The graphics are beautifully smooth and the sound effects are super realistic.

Controlling your shots is a piece of cake. You can pan around the screen at any point by just swiping the display. Over on the right is the power bar to control how hard or soft you wish to make the shot and below that is circular button for actually making the shot.

You can even add some spin to the ball which is a great feature. This happens over on the left of the display where you have four arrows to add the spin. Above them is a picture of a ball and depending on the spin will dictate where a small black dot will be on the ball - just to ensure you get things right.

Priced at £2.00/$2.99 International Snooker HD is worth the money if you ask me. It's a great example of how wonderful a native BlackBerry 10 app can be.

Features of the game include:

  • Single and two player quick games
  • Tournament mode with 8 rounds against the world's best, competing for a place on the podium and the coveted IS Gold Cup.
  • Super smooth and intuitive camera and cue control.
  • Realistic ball physics including top, back and side spin.
  • Accurate power control, not swipe and hope.
  • Ball path guide lines including object and cue ball paths enhance game play over it's rivals. Guides shorten according to difficulty setting.
  • Difficulty settings that truly make a difference.
  • Stats page holds wins, losses, cup wins and highest breaks.
  • Full Rules and Instructions.
  • Game auto saves after each ball is potted - never lose your game to an interruption!

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