IntelliBerry for BlackBerry Smartphones

I have my Bold pretty well set up. My icons are aligned accordingly and my most used applications assigned to the convenience keys. If I want to find a contact, file or application, I have a few options available to access them, as RIM has included the ability to search for such information. Everybody is looking for another shortcut; the quest for faster access and increased efficiency.

Adding a different twist to BlackBerry navigation, IntelliBerry has the ability to search for and utilize applications, files and contacts. The application will scour through your BlackBerry and your memory card to find what you need. IntelliBerry will learn and adapt to what you use regularly, making your experience with it easier as time goes on. On top of this, the application gives you faster access to the internet and your inquiries; all you have to do is say the "Magic Word."

A little Intel about IntelliBerry

If I were to mention the name SteelThorn, developers of IntelliBerry, you may recall some of their other applications, including QuickPull, BerryAnnoying or MessageScheduler. IntelliBerry will require only 92.8 KB of space to help you in your quest. For optimal functionality, I would recommend that you assign IntelliBerry to one of your convenience keys. The developers stated that there isn't any setup required before using the application. This isn't entirely true; I'll touch on this later on.

The Search is On!

ah, there you are!

The main menu is broken up into three sections; the top section will allow you to decide if you want IntelliBerry to search through your Applications, Contact, Files or any combination of the three. The next portion of the screen, is where you would input what to search for. You can begin typing the name of whatever you are looking for - IntelliBerry will then begin to decipher what you are requesting. The results are listed below in the final section, which is the search results field. If the entries listed have an associated icon or an assigned image, they will be displayed as well. With regular use of IntelliBerry, I could see it beginning to adapt and anticipate what I was searching for. Just as your BlackBerry does when you are typing out a name in the call screen, the application will display most commonly used files/applications/contacts first. Now, what's so good about searching through all of this information without being able to access it? Nothing! I was able to access any application on my BlackBerry (third party or not), view files and access contacts. When you click on a contact, from within the application, a popup is generated, asking you to choose which method of contact you wanted to use. At first, I was unable to search though my media on my SDCard. I was able to rectify the situation by accessing the settings menu and allowing IntelliBerry to include the SDCard/BlackBerry "folder". So there was a bit of set up required - am I being picky? Perhaps, but it's my Berry and I can cry if I want to.

helping you communicate

Magic Words? How about Klaatu barada nikto?

Okay, so that really isn't a magic phrase at all. Magic Words actually offer quick access to online inquiries. IntelliBerry has 9 predefined Magic Words and room to add some of your own. In case you are confused, let's look at this more closely. If I wanted to search for "CRACKBERRY - True Tales of Use & Abuse! " at, I would type in "a crackberry". The "a" is the magic word trigger, indicating that Amazon (US) will be used for this search and "crackberry" is the keyword; what to look for at Amazon. Other predefined Magic Words include Google, Wikipedia and Youtube. Setting up new Magic Words was quite easy; all you need is your own trigger, description and url. This makes searching for information so much faster!

Magic Words help you search faster than ever before!

Settings and Other information

At the main menu, to the right of the "search for" field, are two teeny tiny icons. The first icon gives you quick access to device information; OS version, PIN, Free Memory, Battery Level and Signal Strength. The second icon is the setting menu, where you can enable/disable SmartSearch, add or remove folders to browse through, manage your Magic Words and even access IntelliBerry's online manual.

beats going to options>status

intelsettings caption: settings menu


IntelliBerry takes full advantage of your BlackBerry's keyboard and trackball. Pair this with the easy to read layout and you have the making for an incredibly quick and simple navigation process. Its search and Magic Word capabilities are extremely powerful. You'll get the hang of the application in no time, and will be using it to search and contact until your thumbs fall off. The only issue I had was that not icons displayed in the search results field. IntelliBerry offers a four day trial, and if you decide to pick it up before April 30th, you can enjoy the reduced price of $4.95 (from $6.95). For more information, and to try and/or buy, click here.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Access applications and files
  • Communicate with your contacts from within the app
  • Speedy searches with Magic Words


  • Not all icons display


  • Download Free Trial / Purchase from the CrackBerrry App Store >>