Whilst I was hanging around in BlackBerry World earlier, I stumbled upon one of my favorite BlackBerry 10 applications, Instavenue, and noticed that the price had been reduced from $2.99 - $1.99. For those of you that missed our initial review of the super photo app and therefore didn't download it, now may be the perfect time to do so while it's on sale?

The way that Instavenue works is that is pulls in your current location and weather conditions and gives you a selection of skins to use over the top of the photo. As well as there being weather skins, there are also travel, BlackBerry fans, love, hate and even a CrackBerry one as you'll see in the above image. 

With simple options to either save or save and share you can take quick snaps with a great skin over the top and send them off with ease to your social networks, BBM or email contacts and it's a real joy to use. 

Even if you like to use photo apps such as Instagram or similar there is nothing to stop you taking the photograph using Instavenue and then uploading it to another service. Your followers will dig the skins. 

If you enjoy taking photographs with your BlackBerry 10 smartphone why not spice them up a bit while the app is at its special price?

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