As a BlackBerry power user, I rely on my device lasting throughout the day. Whether it's answering personal or work related emails, chatting with friends on BBM or a third party messaging app, or checking my social networks, the battery takes a beating every day.

Instantly view your battery's health with 200 copies of BatteryAlert

There are a plethora of battery applications to choose from in BlackBerry World. The latest to hit the storefront is BatteryAlerts, a native and headless app by HugSoft. With BatteryAlerts you can view important information concerning your battery, as well as, setting alerts which will appear in your Hub during a specific event (i.e. battery charged, unplugged, etc.).

BatteryAlert is an easy to use app for tracking your battery and creating notifications to keep you apprised of its strength and health. When you launch the app you are brought to the notification screen. You can toggle between this and battery info by tapping on the corresponding icon at the bottom. From this screen you can set alerts, to be received in the Hub, for such events as when your battery condition changes, charger level, changes in battery temperature, charged to full capacity, and more. If you go into the Battery Info screen you can view the health of your battery, temperature, cycle count, time to empty, etc.

In addition to the tracking features, BatteryAlerts also comes with a theme setting. By swiping down and going into settings you can swap between the dark and bright theme or choose to enable the Adaptive Theme. This setting automatically sets the theme based on the brightness and light sensor.


  • Notification in hub when your battery temperature high (over 40 Celsius)
  • Notification in hub when your battery is bad
  • Notification in hub when your battery is fully charged
  • Notification in hub when your battery in unplugged charger
  • Notification in hub when cycle count change
  • Notification in hub when battery condition change
  • Notification in hub when battery level change
  • Notification in hub when battery level less than 20 if you do not want notification for every level change
  • Notification in hub when battery temperature is between 33 and 40 Celsius
  • Know about your battery in info tab
  • Check Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit

The developer is giving away 200 copies for free. To grab your free copy, simply follow the directions shown below.

  1. Launch BlackBerry World
  2. Swipe down from the top and tap on Redeem
  3. Enter this promo code ALERTSWIPEPROMO
  4. Tap on the green FREE button to download

You can find BatteryAlert in BlackBerry World for $1.99, and it is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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