Instant is now available to download from Blackberry World and is the perfect way to keep an eye on how much time you are spending on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

I seem to remember that a few years back we had a similar app for legacy devices and I used to check it every day to see how my addiction was going. Instant now makes that possible and although it's basic and straightforward, it's a handy app to have.

The purpose of Instant is to simply count how many minutes you spend on your BlackBerry each day. The app is headless, so you don't need to keep it open, although it does have a nice Active Frame where you can view your daily usage as you can see below.

Once you open Instant you'll be shown the minutes you have used your BlackBerry for on that day at the top of the display. To the right of that is a quick share tab for Twitter so you can quickly fire off an update which will read like the following - "Used my BlackBerry for 24 minutes today via #InstantBB'.

Once you have used Instant for more than a day you will notice that under the minute counter I've just mentioned you will see a list of the previous days and you can 'instantly' compare useage over those days. If you want to compare even more days than are shown on the homescreen you can use the 'History' tab at the base of the display.

You will also notice there's a 'Reminders' tab. Here you can select your daily limit and the reminder frequency if you fancy getting useage notifications in your BlackBerry Hub. And last but not least is the ability to share your daily useage via any application that's integrated into your Hub - sweet.

"Instant is designed to promote a balanced lifestyle. By tracking and limiting phone usage on a daily basis, more time can be spent on leisure activities and the people around you," says Shashwat Pradhan, BlackBerry Elite Developer and the Founder of Emberify.

With its black and white user interface, Instant is kept clean and tidy and it does what it is meant to do - nothing more, nothing less. If you've ever wondered how much you use your BlackBerry - you now have a simple solution. Instant will set you back $1.99/£1.50.

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