One of the best things about our beloved BlackBerry devices is the multitude of options available for communications while using them. Everything from MSN, Google Talk, right down to ICQ (does anyone even use that any more?!). The only problem with all of these options, especially if you are a user of several messaging platforms, is that it means having to open numerous applications all at once on your device, which becomes a pain in the butt. Instango looks to be able to solve this problem for us BlackBerry users and gives us a convergance of those applications and much more.

Their newly updated version of Instango is vastly improved upon the previous versions and brings a ton of new features to the table as well. They have listened to the community and brought us the following with their latest update:
  • Complete rewrite of the user interface
  • Multiple Account support (ie: 2 AIM, 1 MSN Accnt.)
  • WiFi Support
  • Improved battery cosumption when running the app
  • Better usage of data compression,saving on data usage
  • Message list integration on OS 4.6
  • Many, Many Bugfixes

Having used this application at its first launch, I can say this version is a great improvement over what it was and well worth a look.

For a further peek into the application, head on over to the features page and have a look. The services expand well beyond just IM integration all the way to now using Instango as an RSS reader and sending voice messages, files and pictures. 

  • More Information and Download Instango 2.0 >>