There’s a whole exciting world of applications for your BlackBerry out there. Installing those applications is a pretty straightforward process, though there are occasional issues that crop up. If you do encounter problem, there’s usually an easy solution. This article will talk about the steps to install a new application, and then discuss the most common problems that people encounter.

There are two ways of installing applications to your BlackBerry. You can download the software over the air (OTA) using the web browser on your device, or you can install an application from your PC using the RIM Desktop Manager.

To install OTA, you must have a URL for the sofware you want to install. The URL will point to a JAD file somewhere on the Internet. After entering the URL into the browser on your BlackBerry, it will prompt you to verify that you want to install the application. Say yes, and if all goes well it will install on your BlackBerry.

OTA install
Downloading Google Maps

The second method of installation uses the RIM Desktop Manager. Applications meant to be installed from the Desktop Manager come with two files: an ALX file and a COD file. First, connect your BlackBerry to your PC using a data cable. Once the device is attached, launch the RIM Desktop Manager. Then launch the Application Loader from inside the Desktop Manager.

Desktop Manager
BlackBerry Desktop Manager

Click the “Add…” button in the Application Loader and specify an Application Loader File(.alx). The application should now appear in the list of items to install. Follow the instructions from there to finish the installation and it should appear on your Blackberry.

Piece o cake. Unless it didn’t work. If you hit a problem fear not. There are things you can do.

"No System Software was found for your handheld."

No System Software Found

Lucky you. You’ve either upgraded your handheld OS, or gotten a new BlackBerry for your birthday. Either way, your Desktop Manager doesn’t know how to talk to your BlackBerry. It is lacking the device software for your model of BlackBerry.

You’ll have to download and install the latest device software and service packs from your carrier. To see which device software you have installed on your computer, go to the Desktop Manager Help–>About and click the Device Software tab.

"No additional applications for your handheld were found"

No Additional

First, make sure the .alx file and the .cod file are in the same directory. The Application Loader uses both files to install to your BlackBerry. If that isn’t the problem, then upgrading the Desktop Manager might help. You can download the latest version from your carrier or directly from RIM:

If you are running a BES BlackBerry, there is a setting in the BES that doesn’t allow the installation of 3rd party applications unless they have been signed. You will have to contact your BES administrator to change this setting.

A fatal error has occurred while updating your handheld’s software. Please try again. Unspecified error encountered [J:0×0000000A]

That (most helpful) error message appears because the application you are loading requires a more recent version of the handheld operating system than you have. You will need to go to your carrier’s website and download a more recent version of the OS.

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