Today Facebook held an event at their HQ in Menlo Park to announce a new service. While we had high hopes that we just might see Instagram for BlackBerry 10, sadly there was no such luck today.

The announcement was to reveal a new feature for Instagram called, you guessed it, Video for Instagram. Instagram creator Kevin Systrom took the stage to show off the new feature that will incorporate with the existing Instagram app and allow users to record short videos a'la Vine.

While the obvious comparisons to Vine will be made, Video for Instagram adds more features that allow users to create 15 second clips complete with 13 different filters. You can also delete segments and choose your own custom video cover. Another addition is Cinema which will let users create cinema-quality videos from files already stored on their device. 

Kevin already fired up Video for Instagram by showing some BlackBerry love

As expected, the new version is only available for iOS and Android with no sign of BlackBerry 10. While it does have much more functionality than Vine, with their recent Android release a few weeks off, maybe Vine will make an appearance on BlackBerry 10 now?

What are your thoughts on Video for Instagram? Love it? Hate it? Still just want a damn app?? Sound off in the comments! If you're looking for the APK to sideload, you can grab it here just keep in mind video recording does not work on it.