Sharing images, locations, and weather are popular these days. For me, I'm able to send the cold, winter snow of the Northeast to my friends living in warmer climates. MMMOOO decided to throw their coding and developing talents into the mix and released their own photo and weather sharing application called Insta Weather Plus.

This premium application grants users the ability to share their personal photographs and add a location and weather overlay to them before sending off to their social networks. Whether you are at home, at the office, or on vacation, this simple concept lets everyone you know not only see what you are up to visibly but what it feels like to be there as well. 


  • More than 10 personalized templates for you
  • Accurate weather information provided by professional supplier 
  • Auto-locate by GPS, convenient to use
  • Multi cities supported, switching freely
  • Elegant UI design, comfortable on BlackBerry 10

Upon loading the application it prompts to select a city. There are nine pre-populated ones for you to choose from and there is a search bar at the top to input your own area. Once added, it provides weather data such as temperature, forecast, details, precipitation, wind and pressure, and sunrise and sunset times. For those who want additional cities, it switches back and forth effortlessly with just a swipe. 

There are over ten different skins to choose from, each displaying a different piece of information described earlier only in a more appealing way with borders and phrases. Each template applies instantly so that it can be shared, saved, or set as an image for your social media networks or as your background. 

While it has a default image selected for each city based on time of day, overlaying your personal ones is rather easy. Simply tap on the Insta Weather icon on the main screen, select a template, choose an image from your gallery and tap done.

Finally, there is one feature that some may find interesting and rather useful. By tapping on the blank space at the top of the screen a dialog box prompts you to create a homescreen shortcut. What this entails is that using your own custom image you can place a weather shortcut to the city of your choice on your BlackBerry homescreen. This way it will open the application directly to the corresponding city.

While it may not be as feature rich as say InstaVenue, it does offer a pleasant and smooth interface and is a solid application by MMMOOO. Insta Weather is priced at $1.99 and is available for BlackBerry 10.

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