For you BlackBerry 10 Instagram users that have been testing out Insta10, the latest third party app to grace the BlackBerry Beta Zone, you'll be interested to hear about the most recent update, which not only brings us more fixes, but also a brand new name.

Inst4gran is the new name and although I was pretty keen on the original I can see why the developers have made the switch. Since the application first went live in the Beta Zone it has been updated most days and hopefully this will continue until it is ready to be submitted to BlackBerry World.

Today's change log is as follows:

  • Rebranded from Insta10 to inst4gran

  • New icons (bolder)

  • Improved UI

  • Finally fixed HTML

  • Fixed ureadable mentions and hashtag links

  • Changed default theme to red

If you're not signed up to the Beta Zone you can do so with the following link:

Sign up to the BlackBerry Beta Zone