Instagram has been busy lately making a lot of changes to how their API works and because of that, a lot of third-party Instagram clients have had to make changes to their apps. One such case of that is Inst10, which Nemory Studios has now released a new version of into the BlackBerry Beta Zone that brings along with it a large list of changes.


  • Load more direct chats
  • Updated Timeline layout
  • Landscape and portrait Timeline view support
  • Upload media in landscape and portrait orientation
  • Cropping is not required
  • Fixed registration
  • Approve pending requests
  • Decline pending requests
  • Fixed slightly tilted images
  • Send photo/text/heart in direct message chat
  • Compose new direct message

If you have Inst10 installed already, there's no need to uninstall the version you have but it will add another icon to your screen if you don't. As this is a beta release, do keep in mind there may still be plenty of bugs floating around. The update is live right now on the BlackBerry Beta Zone, so give it a go if you haven't already.