Everyone likes a discount don't they? Well If you've been tempted in the past to purchase either Sportrate or Air Race HD for BlackBerry 10 this could be the weekend to get in on the action as the developer (Inspiro) is offering up some hefty discounts (up to 75%) as well as some free copies for the CrackBerry community.

The discounts and promo codes will be available from October 24th - October 26th GMT so things will run midnight to midnight so I'm lead to believe.

If you are quick enough to get in with one of the following promo codes you'll be super happy. These are:

500 x Sportrate INSPIROSPORTRATE10

500 x Air Race INSPIROAR10

As usual please follow these steps for redeeming BlackBerry World codes:

  • Open up BlackBerry World

  • Swipe down from the top and tap Redeem

  • Enter promo code and then tap OK

  • The app should then appear as free; hit the FREE button to download

The discounted apps are as follows:

What an awesome way to start the weekend. But remember, those promo codes will be snapped up like hot cakes so you'll need to be quick.