The latest video to show off the BlackBerry Q10 comes from an unlikely source. InsideHook took the Q10 for a spin in this video to show off how good of a tool it is for the busy man in the workplace.

The video runs at almost two minutes long but packs in a full days use of the Q10 and is amusing at the same time.

At InsideHook, we spend a lot of time scouring the city for things that busy and successful guys, like you, don’t have the time to find on your own.

Bench made wingtips. Zeppelin tours above Paris. We even found a jetpack once and strapped Rob Lowe into it. You’ve never seen a happier man.

Lately, to keep connected on these adventures, we’ve been using the new BlackBerry Q10.

We could tell you about all its features — the apps, the time shift camera, the raised QWERTY keyboard you can feel-to-type, making you the no-look Steve Nash of communication.

But instead, we made a video. There’s a speakeasy. And a blonde in a tiny black dress. And you get to see our office. Yes, that is an actual intern. His last name is Tarantino. He’s going places.

Check out the video above in full then hit up the comments and let us know what you think!