This year at CES, QNX took the covers off their latest technology concept vehicle, based on a Toyota Highlander, and it's packed will all the latest innovations from the company. For the Highlander, QNX took their usual digital instrument cluster and a head unit concepts one step further and created what they refer to as a "glass cockpit" that combines the functions of both systems, along with ADAS safety alerts, a tachometer, album art, incoming phone calls, HERE navigation results and the current radio station into one seamless display but reduces distraction by only showing the information that the driver requires at the time and nothing else.

As one of the key announcements for QNX at CES, the QNX Toyota Highlander also highlights QNX In-Car Communication (ICC), which enhances the voice of the driver and relays it to loudspeakers in the back of the vehicle. Instead of shouting or having to turn around to be heard, the driver can talk normally while keeping his or her eyes on the road. QNX ICC dynamically adapts to noise conditions and adds enhancement only when needed. Check out the video to get a closer look at the Highlander and get a feel for how ICC works.

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