An Inside Look At The Workings Of The Trackpad

The trackpad. Sure it's not a new thing to have included on a device but it is however, the newest thing to have on a BlackBerry smartphone. After having used the track wheel and the track ball, it seemed to be the next common sense step for Research In Motion to take on their non touchscreen devices. Although, a good many people I know would still rather have a track wheel (aka Jog wheel) over anything.

Over at Inside BlackBerry a new post went up today outlining the "science" behind the trackpad its self. After reading the article, I got a better understanding of how the trackpad it's self works, it's not simply just touch it and go. There is more to it then that really, so I suggest giving it a read. The best part of the write up is this is only part one of the series. I'm waiting for the write up where they go through the evolution of navigation on BlackBerry smartphones. Maybe we can start up a group to fight to bring the track wheel back? Who's with me? Viva La Track wheel!