In our earliest years of CrackBerry, I used to get hounded almost daily to sell CrackBerry gear in our ShopCrackBerry store. There's a long, complicated story as to why we never did that (maybe it'll be told before this month is over in our upcoming CrackBerry Confessions series!), but over the years we eventually came up with some fun ideas for t-shirts and swag that we'd either sell or give away.

To mark CrackBerry's 10 Anniversary proper and prep ourselves for the next generation of BlackBerry Smartphones, it's time for all of us to put our thinking caps on to come up with some new slogans and ideas for CB swag. We're making some exclusive tees utilizing the classy logo/badge above that we'll give away this month, but beyond that I'd love to come up with some more ideas.

Below is some inspiration from CrackBerry years gone by to get your creative juices flowing. Some of our slogans like BlackBerry By Choice and RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK we're pretty damn fun. How do we top it?! If you have any thoughts, drop them in the comments below. And if you're by chance a designer and have some inspired ideas, draft them up and email them to me at kevin @ Maybe we can put them to use!

10 Years of CrackBerry Tees and SWAG

The Original CrackBerry Tee from 2007

Limited production run of 20, in bright green. If you're reading this and have one of these, you have in your possession our most historic piece of swag!

We Updated them a little later for Jessica (she loved her BlackBerry 8700)

BlackBerry By Choice (aka We're #1!)

Number 1 BlackBerry Fanboy


This was a big hit at Research In Motion's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. Maybe in hindsight I really should have made the legit push to get on the Board of Directors!

CrackBerry F1 Tees

Very technical - these helped spread the BlackBerry word at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal!

Stickers and Pens and Things!