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BlackBerry users in Indonesia have complained over slow network access and poor reception, but local service providers recently responded with a defensive argument stating they have no control over certain aspects of their service. Customers have, among other things, experienced erratic behavior with BlackBerry Messenger, such as messages not going through and staying in a pending state. Naturally, as BlackBerry data is routed through the RIM network of operations center (NOC), some network issues might come up and as such are inevitable.

Now that RIM has opened its offices in the country, customer complaints may be directly forwarded to a RIM representative. This will lighten the load on service providers' support lines, stated Erick Noviantoro, manager at service provider Telkomsel. He also added that the reported issues affect all Indonesian service providers, as the problem stems from RIM and can not be controlled on the service provider level. CrackBerry readers from Indonesia, have you experienced problems with BIS on your service provider? Sound off in the comments!

Source: BerryIndo