BlackBerry Messenger safe in Indonesia 

Back in December it was reported that the Indonesian Telecommunication Body was threatening to end BlackBerry Internet Service in the country. The reason behind the threat was due to the fact that RIM was going to install a new server in Singapore and not in Indonesia, as originally proposed. Today, though Tifatul Sembiring, Communications and Information Minister, stated that BlackBerry owners in the country need not worry, the government have no plans to stop the BlackBerry Internet Service, which includes BBM. BBM is a widely used BlackBerry feature in the country and they have no intention of displeasing its 5 million BlackBerry users.

We've already seen the popularity of BlackBerry smartphones in Indonesia and the huge lines the produce on launch days that it probably wouldn't have been the best threat to follow through on. At least now, BlackBerry owners in Indonesia can rest assured that BlackBerry Messenger is safe.

Source: The Jakarta Post