Indian Government Finall Backing Down Against RIM?Color me confused. The latest in the Indian Government vs. RIM standoff has me puzzled beyond belief.

The Indian Government has now stated that 'There is no threat from BlackBerry services'...

And when asked if the Indian Government would give approval to companies that have applied to use BlackBerry services the Government responded: 'There is no permission needed for starting value added services... We have not given permission to anybody, we have not disallowed anybody.'

So what does this all translate to? Could be that the Indian Government has finally realized that 'hey, maybe RIM really can't provide encryption keys to us!'. One would have to assume that RIM has pounded their point home time and time again to the Indian Government, insisting that they cannot provide the decryption services that has been demanded from them.

Next Week: The Indian Government demands encryption keys yet again... RIM, stick to your guns.

[ via IndiaTimes ]