For you BlackBerry 10 users that like to game, Amazon are giving away Impossible Road (as their 'free app of the day'), which is certain to test your reflexes. The way this one works is that you control a 'ball' or sorts which you need to guide along the rollercoaster style course without coming off the track. Of course, this is not easy as the name suggests.

There's only two controls - a left and right - which simply work by touching each side of the display. The idea is to get through as many gates as possible and this number will be your final score.

My intention was to shoot a quick video of this one, but once I had the video camera set up I couldn't get to even the second gate - that's how hard it can be. So I'll let you see Impossible Road on your own device if you fancy a challenge.

I did get the game running on my BlackBerry Passport, but the experience was admittedly better when I loaded it onto the Z30. If you come across any device restrictions feel free to sound off in the comments? Likewise, if you're seeing a different app featured today by Amazon, let us know? Occasionally we get some regional variation.

If you've not used the Amazon Appstore before hit up the following link for a step by step guide of how to do so.

How to download Impossible Road using the Amazon Appstore