If you have children who are learning to stay home alone and don’t have their own cell phones, imHome may be a comfort to both you and your child. imHome by Tristan Cater is a great way to use your BlackBerry PlayBook to communicate with your child whenever they’re home alone.

imHome is for the children (between 8 and 13 years old) where they may be home alone for short periods of time. The program is very easy to use with a simple interface that most ages will be able to navigate with very little issues. With a simple press of the button, you will know your child has arrived home safely, if homework has been completed or that all their chores are done. For some age groups, just pressing the icons on the PlayBook within the imHome app is actually easier than using a phone.

Main Features:

  • Simple easy to understand icons
  • Chat with your child via email when you can’t take phone calls
  • Options to change texts and icons on the home screen

Most of you who have been reading the blogs here on CrackBerry know I have children. I also work a part-time job which, when the school year started, caused me a bit of anxiety over leaving the children alone until I could get home. Usually my 16 year old is home with the other two (14 and 5) and will shoot me a BBM letting me know when each of them arrives home safely. Same goes for when the oldest has to stay after school and the 14 year old is in charge. Now with imHome, my 5 year old can practice what she should do when she gets older and communicate with mom when I can’t answer the phone.

imHome is available for the BlackBerry PlayBook in App World for $0.99.

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