* Update: NOW ON SALE - Shape Services saw the post and comments and until November 22nd has put IM+ on a 30% off sale. You can now grab it for $27.95 at the same link below. * 

A new update for IM+ Messenger was released the other day. IM+ Messenger is a instant messaging application which allows you to connect to multiple networks all within one application. You can have all your contacts in one spot no matter what they are using be it MSN, Yahoo, Googletalk, Facebook as well as Skype and many others. Some of the features in the new version are:

  • Group chat in Skype
  • Speech Recognition subscription
  • User Avatars
  • UI improvements and general bugfixes

This is a greap app for those who have friends in many social networks and are looking for the versatility to keep communication with them all. IM+ is a little on the costly side as it's priced at $39.95 but well worth it if you rely on being able to stay in touch with everyone and a free trial is available for you to check out.

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