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Over the years, the IM+ cross platform messaging app, as well as its developer SHAPE Services, has been looked at many times on the CrackBerry blogs. If you haven’t heard about it yet, picture all of your instant messaging accounts poured into a blender and blended into one smooth application, from which you can chat with anyone. In other words, you can chat with friends and family no matter if they’re using MSN, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo!, Google Talk, AIM, Jabber, ICQ, VKontakte, Yandex Chat, MySpace or Twitter. Not too long ago, SHAPE services announced that they released their own in-app messenger application they dubbed Beep.

What Beep does is enable users to chat with contacts that are found in their own native address book, as well as those from various instant messaging platforms. Thus, it brings SMS, MMS and instant messaging together in a neat little package. This update is also seen on other platforms (Android, iOS and Windows phone). Check out the features:

  • Send unlimited number of free messages - Beep uses your Internet plan and all messages sent with Beep are free. We understand how important a message can be, so we added "Sent" and "Delivered" confirmations for each message you send.
  • Express yourself and impress others - IM+ with Beep now offers free alternative to SMS and MMS: customize your status message and share pictures, videos, audio notes, your location with your address book contacts
  • Your Address Book is your instant messaging buddy list - Yes, it's that plain and simple. When you know someone's phone number, you already know their instant messaging ID.

Now keep in mind that you do have to be an IM+ user in order to benefit from Beep. Luckily, IM+ comes in a free version and a Pro (ad-free) version, both of which are available from BlackBerry App World.

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