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* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 7 more to come! *

Friday night is movie night for many, so it's fitting that we announce our third finalist in the I Love My BlackBerry video contest just in time for the weekend. Entry #17, by Matt Galo (Stang68 on CrackBerry), created the epic major motion picture above, titled The Scent of a BlackBerry. At 9m13s you'll want to grab some popcorn and a beverage before hitting play, because you won't want to miss one second once the movie starts. As for Matt's thought process and story behind the flick, you can read that below. Amazing video Matt!

We're going to keep the finalist announcements coming over the weekend (maybe even up it to two a day for Saturday and Sunday) so keep it locked to CrackBerry for more finalist picks.  

The Making of The Scent of a BlackBerry

Here's what Matt told us about his entry:

I starred in it and my brother, along with a few friends, helped me out with the other acting parts. I directed while my brother filmed, making this project a real challenge, being in front of the camera AND behind! We shot the chase scene over one day and the rest of the scenes on a weekend. A lot of work went into this short film, production-wise and post-production-wise! My thought process for the project was this: If your BlackBerry was held for ransom, how far would you go to get it back? Would you call the police? Try to get the money? Or would you take things into your own hands and dispense your own kind of BlackBerry justice? That is the question my character is faced with and I think you'll agree with his choice...no one messes with his BlackBerry.