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* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 4 more to come! *

If you watch all of the video submissions in our I Love My BlackBerry video contest, you'll find a handful of entries that went with a fairly literal take on BlackBerry love. Our sixth finalist, by Justin Brown, fits into that category and made a great video of it with some stellar and hilarious acting. Justin told us:

This video was filmed in West Paterson, NJ. It stars myself, Justin Brown, Susanne Madani, and of course Vanessa the BlackBerry Storm! This is just a hint on how much I love my BlackBerry. 

If there were Oscars for best actor and supporting actress actress in a Smartphone film or documentary, I think Justin and Susanne would definitely be nominated and be in the running to win. They own their roles in this one. Great job!!

Browsing through the comments to our previous finalist announcements, it looks like things are shaping up nicely for a tight race in the final community vote. In case you were wondering on the judging criteria, I instructed the judges to look at, in no particular order: entertainment value and impact, effort, originality/creativity, passion and stickiness. After watching 80 videos, the finalist videos should be the ones that really stand out in the brain hours and even days later. We left the rules on this contest pretty wide open (we were curious to see what kind of entries would result... and were pleasantly surprised!); so while high production quality is always nice, it wasn't a requirement to be considered a finalist here. In future video contests we'll maybe try it out with more rules (like you need to record the video on a BlackBerry). Four more finalists to be announced!