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* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 2 more to come! *

Suspense. Drama. Action. Our 8th finalist's video entry in the I Love My BlackBerry contest has them all and then some. Kick back, hit play and watch I Love My BlackBerry, The Movie. Mike Neel packed a lot into this 4minute flick, which flows quick and holds your attention. Great job Mike (and evil girlfriend!)! You can read his overview of the video below.

Only two more entries left to get announced. We'll do them both up tomorrow for Storm2 launch day! Stay tuned!

I Love My BlackBerry, The Movie

Here's what Mike had to tell us about his video....

The video was filmed in my apartment with three of my friends and the girl friend. I thought of this video one day while I was typing an email during "our" TV time. Of Course, the events in the video are purely fictional and no blackberry was harmed in the filming. Here is a little synopsis! You may laugh, cry, maybe even throw up a little bit. The story centers around a guy stuggling to coexist with his girl friend and blackberry. Watch his man misfortunes and rediculous fights up to the end with one of the years best twist endings. "I Love My Blackberry" is sure to be one to endure the times.