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With it being Halloween tomorrow, it's fitting that our tenth finalist in the I Love My BlackBerry video contest center around Zombies! As chosen by the CrackBerry community in our WildCard vote, Kevin Leung's entry puts us in a world where iPhone Zombies have taken over (scary thought, I know!). There were a lot of firsts for Kevin and his crew in putting this entry together - you can read the story behind the flick below. Awesome video!!

That's it for announcing the finalists. But there's plenty of iluvmybb fun left to come. We'll kick off the final vote tomorrow, and while that's open for a few days will be running some bonus round posts and shout-outs highlighting some of the other awesome entries submitted. Huge kudos and thank you once again go to everybody who submitted an entry!


Here's what Kevin Had to tell us...

The film is titled APPLECALYPSE, referring to a world overrun by iPhone virus-infected zombies. Horrifying, I know! (Note: no BlackBerries were harmed in the making of this film.) This experience is one of many firsts. It's the first time I have ever produced and directed a film, let alone in my favourite genre. It's the first time Sam has ever used her acting chops to portray a zombie in front of a camera. It's the first time Katelyn has ever dabbled in directing rather than production (costume and make-up). And last but definitely not least, it's the first time Dean has composed a full soundtrack for film.

Thus, I think it's fitting to admit that if I win this contest, not only will it be the first time I possess a MacBook, but it willl also be the first time I have my very own BlackBerry (I hope this doesn't disqualify me??). I have long held off on purchasing a BlackBerry because I've become too emotionally-attached my my current Sony Ericsson, but the Bold 9700 stood out like a Ferrari in a sea of BMWs. Sure, they're all great, yet no smartphone wooed me like the Onyx. Since June, I've probably used up dozens of MBs solely scouring Crackberry.com and the internet on a daily (if not hourly) basis for updates and news on pics/vids, specs and release dates.

Anyway, regardless of our outcome in this contest I can confidently say that there are no regrets, because we had a great deal of fun filming this ridiculous plot of a zombie flick on campus at York University, Toronto. I decided to include jabs at Apple since the debate is always BlackBerry vs. iPhone, but none of us has a hate-on for Apple. The iPhone is good - just not nearly as good as the stuff from Waterloo! In my opinion, the video turned out exactly as I intended: filmed and edited as professionally as possible while learning the basics on the fly, but campy enough so that we can all have a good laugh amongst ourselves.

Many thanks to you folks at CrackBerry.com for giving us the motivation to express our creativity on camera. Maybe we'll even release a sequel featuring my new Bold 9700 bricking some iPhone zombies? ;)

And in case you're wondering...yes, I probably would do hand-to-hand combat with a zombie if my (future) BlackBerry was in danger.