Mad Skillz - Entry #51 - Professional Yo-Yo Berry

OK folks, this is our last shout-outs post in what was a purely awesome I Love My BlackBerry Video contest. For this final round, I went through the videos and have highlighted in this post nine entries that really grabbed my attention for different reasons. I'll give a brief overview, and then you can watch all the videos below. As for the video above... well... let's just say it hit a sweet spot with me because back when I was 8 years old (in '88) I remember watching the Smothers Brothers reunion season on CBS. The Yo-Yo Man (Tom Smothers) was my HERO. Seriously, I was addicted to yo-yos long before I became addicted to BlackBerrys.

More Shout Out Awards:

  • Mad Skillz Award - Aron Bendet is the Yo-Yo Berry
  • First Entry In - Props to Matthios Rios for getting this video in just hours after we announced the competition
  • From the Heart - Robert Sinisi's video is straight from the heart. Our best wishes go out to his sister
  • Most Educational - We can now sign BlackBerry thanks to Jenna Endicott's entry
  • More Mad Skilz - Marco Hartig killed his BlackBerry... in style
  • Most Money Spent on a Video - Troy Peterson.. you is crazy! Watch him buy 7,000 shares of RIMM for close to half a million dollars :)
  • Passion & Awesomeness - Troy Reynold's Inglorious BlackBerry Addict tale is a must-watch!
  • Gag Reel Award - Troy Anderson's documentary had an awesome Gag Reel at the end. Kudos to that!!
  • CrackBerry Crazy Awesome - BlackBerrying while Sky Diving? YOU BET!

In addition to our Slacker, SmrtGuard and ShaoSoft Prizes going out to all contestants that put in an entry, all of our shout-out winners will also get their own Coveroo and DreamTheme Prime Theme! 

I Love My BlackBerry Video Contest Shout Outs!

First Entry Submitted - Entry #01 -No Love for the iPhone


From the Heart - Entry #06 - Life Saving BlackBerry


Most Educational - Entry #14 - Learn to Sign BlackBerry


More Mad Skillz - Entry #18 - Things I Would Never to Do My BlackBerry


Most Money Spent on a Video - Entry #21 - $469,000 Worth of BlackBerry Love 


Pure Awesomeness - Entry #22 - The Inglorius BlackBerry Addict



Gag Reel- Entry #55 - "Life One-Handed" Documentary


CRACKBERRY CRAZY AWESOME - Entry #77 - BlackBerry Jumper!


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