Entry #36 - Chairman Plow's I LOVE MY CRACKBERRY

With the Grand Prize Winner announced in the I Love My BlackBerry video contest, it's time to follow-up with some honorable mentions. In this shout outs post, we've got three stellar music-focused videos that were submitted. Above you can hear Chairman Plow's awesome I Love My CrackBerry track (this was one of my personal favorites - just needs a couple more verses and this baby would be platinum!). Below we've got two more vids. First, Crystal Hunter's I Love My CrackBerry parody of Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA (which today landed top spot on America's Top 40). Gotta give Crystal HUGE props for working "Force Radio On" into a chorus. LOL. Now THAT's Hardcore (download Force Radio On). And lastly, David Demaria's I Love My BlackBerry Remix that's full of CrackBerry.com love. Awesome stuff. Enjoy the vids!


Entry #23 - I Love My CrackBerry (Miley Cyrus Party in the USA Parody)