Entry #12 -Two Different Kinds of Fruit

* Update - We got Eric's Special Time entry back up. Watch it below!!! *

This post is way overdue! Between the BlackBerry Developer Conference last week, and playing catch-up from being away this week, I'm a bit behind on our I Love My BlackBerry video contest shoutouts. Today we've got a couple of the funny short-commercials that were entered. Above you can watch Randall Brown's Two Different Kinds of Fruit video and below you can catch Brian Smith's I Have an App For That skit (this video always wins the award for Best Hair). There were two other entries that I absolutely LOVED in this category, but unfortunately the contestants yanked from youtube (leave your entries up... our final shoutout is coming tomorrow!).  Kudos goes to Entry #34 by Eric Hilliard for Special Time and to Entry #32 by Brad Cook for Unavoidable.

A note to contestants: Just to recap where things are at... the grand prizes winners have their BIG prizes en route to them already. Our finalists will be getting their $50 ShopCrackBerry coupon codes before end of day Friday. Our finalists and shout-out winners will be getting contacted about their custom CrackBerry coveroos before end of day Friday, and then everybody will who entered a video will be getting contacted about their Slacker and SmrtGuard and ShaoSoft and Dream Theme prizes before the end of the weekend. Thanks for the patience!


Entry #59 - I Have an App for That!


Entry #34 - Special Time!