Entry #11 -Rescue my BlackBerry

The family that BlackBerrys together, stay together! In a handful of the videos submitted in the I Love My BlackBerry video contest, mom and dad put their kids to work to create some super entertaining videos or else brothers and sisters teamed up to get the job done. In this round of shout outs, we have Matt DeWitt's BlackBerry Rescue spoof above. Below we have two videos that went head to head for title of CUTEST videos. Darius Mack had his daughters Malika and Amira express their love for the BB, while Antoine Henry's daughter Lundyn made a compelling case as to why she needs a BlackBerry. Finally, we've got the Choudery siblings working together to make a funny video. Great job everyone!! 


Entry #31 -We Love Our BlackBerrys


Entry #61 -I Need a BlackBerry


Entry #42 -Choudery Siblings Love Their CrackBerry