IheartRadio Goes Live With BlackBerry App!

IHeartRadio has released a new streaming radio application to compete against the likes of FlyCast, Nobex RC and last but not least Slacker. IHeartRadio has some nice features built into it, such as finding local radio stations by utilizing integrated GPS functions of your BlackBerry devices. It also allows you to save favorite stations and even tag them so that they are easily found later on, and finally, a nice lyrics look up feature powered by GraceNote. But while IHeartRadio does come with all these nice inclusions and even packages them into a great looking UI, it is not without faults.

Those faults I'm speaking of may only affect a minor few but still they are present nonetheless. First, from my testing anyways, the application much like Slacker Radio does not work in Canada, nor do I think they have any intentions on fighting to get it to work, unlike Slacker who is at least trying to create some licensing agreement with artists and content providers. The only way I got it to function was to enable WiFi on my Bold and even then it never did stream for any more then 2 mins before going back to buffering only to die and give me a server communication error.

Also, I mentioned this was loaded onto my Bold. Why only onto my Bold? Because no Storm version is yet available. When visiting IHeartRadio from your Storm it reads and detects your browser and kindly invites you to sign up for updates for when it will be available for the Storm. I'm not sure if a direct link download would work, but really if IheartRadio says it won't function on a Storm, it's probably best to leave it at that and save yourself the hassle and wait for the official release. All my issues with it aside, it does seem like a great option for those who can use it to its full potential, but I'll be heading back to using Nobex RC and FlyCast for now. At least Nobex RC shows Canadians love (sorry for the Canuck rant, but this lack of music apps in Canada is driving me nuts!)! Be sure to discuss IheartRadio in the CrackBerry Forums or drop a comment to this post.