iGrann update brings the return of direct messages and support for new Instagram image sizes

If you're using iGrann as your Instagram app on BlackBerry 10, then you'll be pleased to know a new update for the app has now arrived in BlackBerry World. The latest release sees the return of direct messages enabled, pro only for now according to BlackBerry World. Plus, it also adds support for viewing of new Instagram sizes to the feed view as well as the download feature.

  • Fixed the Direct Message (DM) feature.
  • Added download in new Instagram sizes and resolution.
  • Added viewing of new Instagram sizes to feed views.

That's a fancy update for an app that was updated not too long ago already, which at the time added some new functionality. The update is live right now, so if you've been missing out on the DM function or simply want photos too look better, go ahead and grab the update right now.