If you're using iGrann as your go-to Instagram app on BlackBerry 10, then you'll want to load up BlackBerry World and check for updates. A new release is now filtering through for the free and paid versions, and it's packed with multiple fixes and improvements to make the in-app experience better.

iGrann rolls out a new update with multiple fixes and improvements


  • Feed repetition problems
  • Stretched and squeezed videos
  • Direct Message videos not playing
  • People tags in wrong postion on posts
  • Not able to edit people tags
  • Zoom not working on modern feed
  • Media page volume not working properly


  • You can now choose if you want to see the info bars on modern feed and media views ON or OFF by default. If turned OFF, you see the image without any info overlay. Tap once on the image and the info bars appear. To set, go to iGrann Settings > Appearance > Show bars on modern design.
  • The News > Following screen now shows all liked photos (up to 8)
  • Improved modern feed view
  • General performance improvements

A lot of folks have been reporting issues with the Android version of Instagram running on BlackBerry 10 lately, so maybe now is a good time to give a native BlackBerry app a go. With free and paid versions, there's no real risk in trying iGrann out if you haven't already.