If you've been beta testing iGrann on your BlackBerry 10 device, you'll want to go ahead and grab a USB cable and fire up your sideloading tools. Beta 2 has been made available for download and this release has quite a few bug fixes and new features implemented into it based on user feedback. As noted on the iGrann Twitter account, here's what has been fixed and added:

  • Fixed search function from Search page
  • Fixed some issues with uploads
  • Fixed forgot option
  • Login design changed
  • Loading more design changed
  • Fixed issue with long caption in modern UI
  • Profiles enabled
  • Ask for Upload Mode when Upload button is clicked
  • Bar is hidden now when you scroll in comments page (Q10)
  • Added locations
  • Added Location page
  • Username and Hashtag tapping working fine now
  • Added Likers page

​That's a pretty slick update all around if I say so myself. I've not yet had a chance to give it a go but it's there for testing should you decide to take it for a spin. I should note, that where this app is a beta there is almost surely to be some bugs so keep that in mind and don't be afraid to offer feedback if you encounter any.

Also of note, where this is not an official app there is the slight chance Instagram can disable access from the app, or at the very least, cause you to need to perform a password reset on your account. If you're not willing to risk that then best to pass this one up.