Chances are that if you are an Instagram user and are also rocking a BlackBerry 10 device you will quite likely be using the third party application iGrann. With both a free and paid (Pro) edition it's certainly my app of choice for getting my Instagram fix.

With the free edition getting a wee update recently it's now the turn for iGrann Pro that has received a welcome refresh today. I say welcome as since I've had my BlackBerry Passport the app has been playing up a bit, with uploaded images being slightly blurry - something you don't want to see on a photo sharing app! The update in BlackBerry World just mentions fixes and improvements and I'm just fine with that.

I've just posted a photo that I took from my Passport and you'll be glad to hear that all is looking good.

If you use iGrann Pro - go and grab the update!

More information/Download iGrann (free) for BlackBerry 10