For those of you patiently waiting for iGrann to release their third party native Instagram client, that moment is finally here. Earlier today, the developer took to the forums to announce that not only has his version been upload to BlackBerry World for approval but that those wishing to test it as a beta can download the bar file.

As of now this is a limited version of the application. For instance, you can upload images with the native BlackBerry filters, view your feed, switch between light and dark theme in settings, browse for users and the latest entries or search hashtags. As stated in the forums, there is no profile section and registering new accounts has been disabled. Another thing I did notice is that you'll have to log back into your account each time you load, unless you place a checkmark next to the appropriate boxes to save.

Keep in mind, as a disclaimer, this is only a beta and you can follow the threads below and leave your feedback. You can check out my quick walkthrough above on the features that are working. From what I can see it is fast, smooth and uploads are quick to show up in your feed. Another thing I did notice though is I had difficulty sideloading it on my OS 10.1 device, though there were no issues present on OS 10.2. However, from what I am seeing from other users it requires OS 10.2. Also, I experienced problems uploading images with the filters applied.  

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Being a third party application for Instagram, please note it may be subject to being blocked or flagged as coming from an unofficial application.

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