BuiltByRequest makes some great themes, and I've had the opportunity to deal with him for the weekly Theme Roundup on a couple of occasions. His ability to create a great custom theme with unique function is cause for respect, there aren't many devs that have his ability to work an SVG. He fired me a BBM last week to let me know he was reworking one of his classics, and he has really done it well. It is so rare to see a free theme offered for such a wide variety of devices, and to get premium quality for free makes it all the sweeter. The weather slot shows on both the home and lock screens, and the bottom dock is a very unique concept. Hidden, each icon pops up individually as you scroll across, keeping a clean homescreen no matter what you're doing. The orange hues run throughout this fully skinned theme, flowing nicely from screen to screen. 

Check it out today, it's available for all devices running 5.0 from his site.