Ifbyphone has been released for BlackBerry devices and seeks to expand upon the functionality of your BlackBerry by offering you a wide array of business orientated offerings. If you run a small business or be it a large business, IfByPhone will help you keep you in touch with the people that need it the most. Your clients!

Check out the description of the services below and be sure to have to a look at their free minutes offer as well (we like free!). I can think of many ways I can put this conference calling and voice-broadcast messaging application to use.

Description of services from the press release:

The Ifbyphone application utilizes BlackBerry users’ existing contacts lists, allowing users to create groups of contacts for conference calls or voice-broadcast messages.

Ifbyphone will provide the first 100 minutes of use per month free to users of the application.

Ifbyphone intends to make its BlackBerry application available at RIM’s App World when it opens this spring.

To use the new application’s conference calling function, a BlackBerry user creates a list of participants from among his or her stored contacts and can then initiate an impromptu conference call immediately or schedule a future call, all with one click.

Similarly, to use the voice broadcasting function, the user creates a list of recipients and records a voice message for immediate or future delivery.

The voice broadcasting function would be ideal for a busy sales manager traveling to a client meeting who wants to give instructions to all members of a team of sales reps.

The BlackBerry application is another example of the flexibility of Ifbyphone’s powerful application programming interface (API), which enables developers to create highly innovative applications and integrate telephony into business processes.